A letter from a team member

As part of our Symph content and writing team, we were given the assignment to write an email to ourselves from a dissatisfied team member (or client). This was really a challenging letter to write, as in trying to be a good leader, this topic brings up all my biggest fears. So to shed some light on fear, here it is:

Dear Dave,

I’m writing you this email as I have already tried speaking to you and you are just too busy. That just proves my point though, so I will just write you an email, since you can’t bother to take time for me.

I’m really disappointed with you and where the company is headed. It feels like you are no longer holding true to the vision that you set out with and that all the words and speeches that you have given have no meaning to shape the direction of the company. You are just talking for the sake of talking and you aren’t actually doing what you say. I don’t understand what went wrong, but it feels like we are way off course and you need to get back to doing what you set out for the company to do. I joined the company because I believed in the vision, and that by joining the “right group of people” that we could change the world. Sadly, we are not having an impact that will change the world. We aren’t even close. We are just building websites and apps to make money. I wanted to escape the daily grind and join a visionary company, but it’s just the same here - “do this project”, “fix this little revision” and “keep pushing harder team, we are almost there.” Dave, we aren’t almost there - we are going the wrong way. I’m sorry to say this, but someone has to. I hope you can turn this around, but I don’t believe anymore.

Someone who cared

PS - I quit.