Taking Stock

Am I proud of the things that I have done? Was there a better way for me to do something? Could I have achieved the same result more effectively or easily? Did I screw something up?

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes. What differentiates greatness is the ability to learn from the scenarios and then apply that knowledge in the future. (Not that I know. Easy to type. Difficult to do.)

What I do know is that we made a few decisions last year at Symph that after taking stock needed to be reconsidered. We needed to change, as what we were observing and learning from the result was not the intended outcome. It felt scary at first to admit this - would the team think that we have lost our way? Would they question our ability to lead? They might; they probably did and they should.

Our premise as a startup is to always be learning and therefore be constantly trying new experiments and adapting to what we learn. Therefore, taking stock without acting upon it is futile.