I don't know

“I don’t know.” I said in a hushed voice in reply to my wife’s question about a baby born at Glory Reborn. Silence followed my reply as we both tried to find an answer for this situation.

I’ve said this countless times throughout my life. I’ve used in when replying to “Who ate the last cookie?” “What’s the square root of 4,792?”

In most of these situations there was an answer. “I did.” “69.2242731995”

Sometimes I knew the answer and other times I did not.

Recently I faced a situation where there wasn’t an answer. It is an unsettling feeling to not have the answer, or to appear that you don’t have it all figured out. It makes you ponder why and question what you are doing.

I have a theory that life in the developed world has a lot of insulation. We typically have insurance, savings plans, retirement funds, and government programs or welfare as a cushion of last resorts. The developing world typically does not have as much insulation. Insurance, savings plans, retirement funds are a luxury. The city hospital of Cebu was destroyed after sustaining damage in a 2013 earthquake, until now there is not a public, Cebu City hospital - only the public regional hospital and other private hospitals.

I never came up with an answer on that phone call. There have been countless times and challenges that we have seen at Glory Reborn, however these I Don’t Know situations are the ones that keep me up at night. They keep me awake as I (and Hilary) want to solve them, wanna help - drop me an email: david {at} gloryreborn dot org.

What situations have you faced recently in life and the answer seemed to be “I don’t know.”?